The Haunted Hostess City of the South, Savannah

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DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? Ghosthunting is a very popular tourist attraction in Savannah, as we are reported to be one of the top “Most Haunted” cities in America! This makes sense, since Savannah is almost 290 years old and that means a lot of history for haunting—we have had everything from pirates to soldiers to famous musicians walking these streets, and there are many stories of ghostly apparitions haunting houses (and bars, and hotels, and restaurants, and cemeteries, and…)

Sometimes the ghost stories are sad, like Anna who haunts 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant. In the 18th century she and her father rented rooms to travelers. After an unhappy love affair, a pregnant Anna threw herself from the second story balcony. Her restful spirit haunts room 204, which used to be her bedroom—particularly when couples stay there.

And sometimes the ghost stories are sweet, like Florence Martus who spent 44 years of her life waving a white cloth to welcome boats to Savannah harbor. She was the sister of the Elba Island light keeper, but rumor has it that she had fallen in love with a sailor who promised to return to her, and so she always waved in case one of the ships carried her returning beloved. There is even a statue to her in the riverfront park.

The ghost stories don’t even have to be about humans—the most famous ghost at the Davenport House Museum is actually a cat!

Just about every ghost tour will reference 432 Abercorn St., but I am happy to report that that particularly grim story is nothing but legend! Research has shown that the owner of the house and his children lived and died elsewhere, much later than the stories would have you believe. Still, it makes for a spooky story to hear in the dark.

There are several groups that offer walking ghost tours (some with adult beverage options, for those who like to indulge when seeking out Visitors From The Great Beyond).  Whether you are visiting, new to the area, or just want a fun evening, Savannah's haunted past should be on your to-do list!





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