The Southerner's Guide to Pronunciation

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     Whether you are moving to Savannah or just visiting, the southern drawl has its own unique charm—and can sometimes to be hard to understand for the uninitiated. I’ve come up with a list of pronunciations of places and words that may sound funny to you at first. Get these down and you’ll be on your way to sounding like a true Savannahian! 

Whitemarsh: wit-marsh 

Whitefield: wit-field 

Chatham: CHAT-um 

Broughton: BRAW-tun 

Habersham: haber-shum, not HAB-er-SHUM. (Think haberdasher) 

Barnard: BAR-nerd 

Forsyth Park:   FOR-syth. (Unless you are talking about the county, in which case it’s for-SYTH. Just to keep it properly confusing.) 

Louisville Road: Louie-vill 

Maupas Avenue: Maw-paw 

Walthour: wall-tower 

Beaulieu: BYOO-lee (Always go with the English rather than French pronunciation) 

Alley: lane. (just roll with it. They may be alleys, but in Savannah they are lanes.) 

Caramel: kah-ruh-mel 

Pen: Pin or peeyun 

Lawyer: Rhymes with saw-yer 

Mayonnaise: Man-aze or may-nayz 

Pajamas: Puh-jaw-muhs 

Route: Rhymes with “out” 

Aunt: Aint 

     Next up: Common phrases you need to know!

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