Victorian, or Victorian-adjacent?

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IT’S KIND OF CRAZY to think that America fought for its independence from England, and then spent the next hundred years looking to Europe for fashion in architecture! It’s true, though, and the hint is in the names of the styles—Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, all of these were named for the British monarch of the time. All of these styles can be found in Savannah as another example of a city rich in history.

Georgian houses are a bit easier to identify, but Victorian can be tricky because there were actually several styles included in the time period. Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901, and there was a LOT going on in the world during that time! Britain was a world leader, with every country taking cues on politics, economics, and culture. (If you are ever curious about “American” traditions, just look up Queen Victoria and you’ll find how influential she was—she’s the reason brides wear white, and even why England and America have Christmas trees!) While most of these homes were built by the wealthy, the Industrial Revolution and its mass production allowed middle-class and even poorer folk to decorate their homes with the elaborate scrollwork, trims and patterns that we think of as “Victorian.”




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