Who's a Good Boi (for helping sell your house)?

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LET’S TALK ABOUT THE ELEPHANT in the room. Your elephant may be a golden retriever named Cody, or your beloved cats Socks and Mittens that you raised from tiny kittens. Maybe your elephant is six Pomeranians that you know are perfect angels (though you might want to check with your neighbors on that). Whatever the name or size of your elephant, you’re trying to sell a home…with a pet.

Convention says you need to eliminate all signs that your four-footed friend lives there. Nobody wants to find a half-chewed rawhide bone on the carpet or a litter box under the sink, and any pet-related scent is an absolute turn off. However, pets are a big part of families and there’s nothing wrong with showing off the amenities that make your home pet-friendly.

1.       Consider Your Selling Points. Pet doors, hardwood floors, fenced yard…think about what you would want in a prospective home, and use those as features. If you have a window that your cat uses to while away the hours, include a (clean!) kitty cushion in their usual perch spot. Make sure any weak spots in your fence are patched.

2.       Community. Do you live near a Pooler Dog Friendly Park ? Is it a friendly neighborhood where everybody knows one another’s dog’s names? Is there a local vet who is outstanding, or a groomer who goes above and beyond? Include that information in your flyer! People love their pets and want the best for them. Include any pet-friendly Pooler Coffee Shop, restaurants, etc.

3.       Indicate a pet-friendly home. Pet owners love to see that other people have pets, too—it’s an instant conversation starter! A few well-placed portraits of your beloved pup is a sure way to get potential buyers thinking toward the possibilities. Put police and fire stickers in the windows alerting an animal lives there. While you don’t want to leave a dirty water dish or kibble scattered on the floor, have a staged pet station to help them picture their pet in the home.

4.       Clean it up. Let’s be honest, pets can be destructive and even—ahem--fragrant. Make sure that any pet damage has been cleaned and repaired. Consider replacing all the carpet in your home, as well as repainting. At a minimum use a professional carpet cleaner (like Pooler Carpet Cleaner* , and be sure to thoroughly vacuum and shake out all the rugs before any showings. Consider purchasing an air purifier, which will help eliminate pet and other odors. (If you ensure it’s a HEPA filter, it will also help clean the air of germs.) And make sure to eliminate any nasty “surprises” lurking in the lawn!

With a little care and effort, selling a home in Rincon, Guyton, Pooler with a pet can bring big rewards if you take the time to highlight the pet-friendly aspects!

*Mention me by name, Michelle Tucker (Daley Real Estate),  for the Realtors' Discount, and when you request service let Shannon (receptionist) know you have pets and request the pet enzyme.







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